Frequently Asked Questions About PERT

What does PERT stand for?

Program for the Encouragement of Responsible Thinking.

What is the Responsible Thinking Model?

We use a Model of Responsible Thinking as the foundation for our program. Our experience has been that for many offenses- theft, vandalism, disorderly conduct, trespassing, curfew violations, and others- there is overlap in the irresponsible thinking and decision-making that led to the offense. The Responsible Thinking Model helps each individual recognize how being aware of his thoughts and feelings, options, goals, and consequences ultimately will lead to responsible behavior. As the presentation unfolds, we expand the discussion to include how people can be responsible in all aspects of their life.

When did PERT begin?

PERT began in 1980 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana as part of Dr. Gottlieb’s dissertation research. Locally, starting in 1982, workshops began to be offered in Minnesota .

Where are PERT workshops available?

As of 2009, workshops are held periodically in Anoka, Stillwater, Roseville, Chaska, St. Cloud, Duluth, St. Peter, and Waseca. Depending on the location, there are classes for adults and juveniles.

What happens in a workshop?

The workshops allow the individual to gain a better understanding of his/her behavior, to examine the consequences of these behaviors, and to choose more positive courses of action. Participants will be alerted to healthy alternatives, including communicating with their family, seeking guidance as needed, and resisting peer pressure- a particularly strong influence in the case of adolescents.

How can I obtain a referral form for a workshop?

Click on ” Get a Form & Directions ” on this website, and follow the instructions for downloading a form. The forms have the directions and class times.

Once I have the form, how can I find out the schedule of upcoming classes?

Click on ” Schedule ” on this website, or call (763)  533-3885 for information.

How is this program funded?

The PERT Program is funded entirely by the registration fees paid by participants. We receive no funding from the county, state or any other branch of government. As a result, fee waivers are generally not an option.

How can someone sign up for the program?

In many counties, the probation or corrections staff will sign a person up for the program. Staff can use one of the forms available on this website.

In some counties and cities, the person must sign up directly with PERT. You can do this by calling PERT at (612)  331-5057 or by sending an e-mail to jeffgott@hotmail.com ….. Be sure to provide the following information:

* Your full first name and last name (If you are calling, spell your name slowly)
* The county AND city who referred you (for example, Ramsey County-Maplewood, or Dakota County-Burnsville)
* The class and location you want to attend (for example, Stillwater, November 8th)
* Your phone number (if you are calling, say this slowly and please repeat it)

For more information, you can go to the Sign-Up Page

Do all referrals come from the court?

The overwhelming majority of referrals have been told by the court to attend a PERT class. However, you can refer yourself to a PERT class. Let us know this when you sign up.

Who is appropriate to refer to the program?

29 years of PERT classes have taught us that the most important shared feature of participants was that they had made choices to act irresponsibly. Therefore, appropriate referrals include individuals involved with theft, vandalism, disorderly, trespassing, tampering with a motor vehicle, driving offenses, underage possession, and other misdemeanor offenses. Some counties refer primarily shoplifting and theft cases, but all workshops seem to include individuals referred for other reasons. If the individual can benefit from examining his/her behavior, PERT might be considered as an option.

Who is inappropriate to refer to the program?

If the individual clearly needs a more intensive program (versus a one-day PERT workshop), court personnel should consider other options.

PERT is sometimes a struggle for people with hearing impairments or extreme difficulty understanding English. PERT provides a Spanish-speaking interpreter at the Roseville location. In such cases, an interpreter provider by the court would be helpful. Since most of the workshop is presented verbally, it is not essential that the person have reading or writing skills.

What is the cost of a workshop?

Beginning in 2009, the registration fee is $60.00, which the participant pays with cash or money order (no checks) on the day of the workshop.

Who can I contact if the information I need is not available?

You can reach Dr. Jeff Gottlieb, the program director, at (612)  331-5057. You can also E-mail him at jeffgott@hotmail.com  If you have missed a class and need to reschedule, you need to contact the county or probation officer who originally referred you to PERT, unless you were told that it is your responsiblity to sign up for a class.


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